4 Best Maternity Poses for Taking Beautiful Pregnancy Photos

Pregnancy is happy and memorable. More and more pregnant women want to capture the fun and meaningful things that happen during pregnancy, such as a vacation at the beach with your husband and baby, but how can we take beautiful and memorable pregnancy photos? Summer Mae will introduce you to 4 great maternity poses in the following article. Before taking pictures, we need to relax so that our facial expressions and poses will be more natural.

Use Legs and Hands

The first simple but very popular maternity pose is to use legs and hands to highlight the pregnant belly (Picture 1 and 2).

1. Put one hand on top of the belly and one hand below and put fingers close together. Be careful! Not to press your hand into the belly as much as possible, just gently on the belly.

2. The thighs maintain a walking gesture, one leg in front and one leg behind, which can add to the vitality of the Picture.

3. You can also place one hand naturally on your waist and one hand on the bottom of your belly, as shown in the picture 3.

Picture 1

Picture 2 

Picture 3


This pose is a variation of the first one, and many celebrities in Ins are also using it. As shown in picture 4, this one is kneeling on the beach, and the head facing the camera in the direction of 45 degrees. However, it should be noted that when kneeling, the action can not be too violent so as not to hurt the fetus.

Picture 4

Side Shooting

Side shots are the best way to highlight a pregnant woman's bump. One of the excellent maternity pose ideas is to have the children's hand holding mom's hand, close their eyes and kiss their mom's belly, or put their ear on their mom's belly (See Picture 5). Likewise, dad can also put his hands on mom's belly and make kissing gestures, as shown in Picture 6.

Picture 5

Picture 6


Dad can put his hand and the mom's hand together on the belly, and photos will be very visually appealing and at the same time very harmonious and full of memories. In addition, if mom and dad can maintain a kissing pose, it will also be a very loving and sweet pose (See Picture 7).

Picture 7

Apply Props

We can also apply some props. For example, in Picture 8, we can see that the beach towel will be laid on the ground. Besides, as shown in Picture 9, you can also calmly lying on the beach chair, put one hand on top of the belly and one hand below and close your eyes.

Picture 8

Picture 9

Having a well-designed and comfortable swimsuit is also essential for maternity photos at the beach, and Summer Mae has years of experience designing swimsuits to provide you with the most comfortable and beautiful ones.

It is important to note that you should not overexert yourself during the shoot and that you need to rest and stay hydrated, and contact your doctor immediately if you are not feeling well!